Enable Bitcode in library file (.a)

After enable bit code in Xcode 7 , I couldn’t build .a file with embed-bitcode. Same problem for the zbar library , too. So, I cannot use my own library with .a file or cannot use the zbar for production. After searching from google , I found a way to build. We need to use the command line with xcodebuild.

I wrote the build.sh like following and same folder with myproject.xcodeproj


xcodebuild OTHER_CFLAGS="-fembed-bitcode" -target $project_name build
xcodebuild OTHER_CFLAGS="-fembed-bitcode" -sdk iphonesimulator -target $project_name build
rm -r build/Production-SDK
cp -r build/$folder-iphoneos build/Production-SDK
cp build/$folder-iphonesimulator/$lib_name.a build/Production-SDK/$name_simulator.a
mv build/Production-SDK/$lib_name.a build/Production-SDK/$name_device.a
cd build/Production-SDK/
lipo -create $name_simulator.a $name_device.a -output $lib_name.a
rm $name_device.a
rm $name_simulator.a
file $lib_name.a
open .

In the build.sh , folder is your release folder name. zbar is using Distribution-iphoneos and Distribution-iphonesimulator .

If you using your own , it may be Release-iphoneos and Release-iphonesimulator. lib_name is your .a library name. In Zbar , it’s using libzbar . project_name is your traget to build. Sometime , lib_name and project_name is different in the project.

After chasing this two, you can run in terminal like

sh ./build.sh

Need to wait until finishing the build and then it will show your lib.a file. In the terminal , you can check , it’s showing what platform are supporting.

If it doesn’t support i386,x86_64,armv7,arm64 , you need to open your project. Go to Build Settings -> Valid Archtectures. Add all architectures like following

  • armv7
  • armv7s
  • i386
  • arm64
  • x86_64

Don’t forget to change Build Active Architecture Only to NO

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